Many critics have associated women of faith with backwardness and rigidity to modernity, but Bishop Lydia Woodson-Sloley has effortlessly and successfully proven the theory and stereotype wrong. She has victoriously redefined the whole definition and perception of being a woman of faith in the modern world. She is the first woman to be consecrated to the Office of Bishop, by the (ICCM) International Congress of Churches and Ministries, into the College of Bishops.  She continues to touch the souls of many and inspires women globally, of all ages, races, and cultural beliefs with her teaching, beliefs, and determination that defies the odds of breaking all race, religious and socio-economic limitations. 

Bishop Lydia Woodson-Sloley has accomplished this great feat through her thought provoking, motivational, inspirational, and spiritually uplifting sermons, and books for women worldwide. She represents and inspires any woman who feels defeated and beaten down by the storms of life; she teaches them that all things are attainable, not easy, but possible through Christ who strengthens us. Bishop Lydia is the founder of the Supernatural Woman Outreach and Senior Pastor of “Life In Its Poetic Form Christian Ministries, Inc.” in Brooklyn, New York, where she has served in ministry for over 30+ years, as well as in prison ministry for over 15 years. She is anointed to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through her unique poetic-prophetic style, and is highly regarded in her local community for her philanthropic contributions. 

Bishop Lydia Woodson-Sloley is a thought leader on the supernatural and is extremely committed to expanding the platform, so that women can take part in a universal conversation about being a Supernatural Woman, serving a Supernatural God, and achieving Supernatural results. When she speaks, she speaks powerful words. Bishop Lydia is heaven sent to show all women that they were preordained by God, to live supernatural lives through Christ, in the power if his might, because they are daughters of the Most High God.